THERMO-FLEX 250 (Acrylic Coating)

Thermo-Flex 250 is an economical acrylic elastomeric roof coating uniquely formulated for the protection of polyurethane foam roofing insulation on all new and existing roof substrates. It is designed to withstand the intense heat and ultra-violet rays of low humidity desert environments.

Thermo-Flex 250 is used as a protective coating over polyurethane foam.

Product Benefits

  • Reflectivity - UV light resistance
  • Energy conservation - reduces building’s energy load and thermal conductivity
  • Life-cycle cost reduction with long-term performance and longevity of the roof
  • Weather durability – protects against water infiltration, resists mold, mildew and staining
  • Low temperature flexibility down to -15°F
  • Low maintenance/renewable