Demilec brings you design freedom. We solve the challenges at every step of the process – from initial design to sustainability guidelines, through to finalizing specs that work. Our Building Science specialists even help you navigate easily through evolving codes and regulations.

Building Envelope design considerations number in the hundreds, each adding their own level of complexity and restriction.  Demilec’s closed-cell and open-cell spray foams give you design freedom, provide simple product choice and specification, and installation by trained, dedicated installers. 

Up to 50%

reduction in heating and cooling costs per year*

Why Spray Foam?

Eco-friendly, innovative and with exceptional heating and cooling cost savings, spray foam offers enduring advantages over fiberglass

From design to reality with spray foam

Heatlok provides insulation, air and vapor control in a single, fully adhered, monolithic application.  Your design intent is executed by trained, certified installers dedicated to the application of Heatlok.  Demilec makes it easy to convert design to reality.

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    Demilec provides easy access to Guide Specifications regardless of your application. 

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    Testing & compliance

    To address design considerations & code requirements

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    Environmental impact

    Highest levels of recycled and renewable content

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    Quality assurance

    Manufactured with industry’s most stringent requirements

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Heatlok for New or Retrofit Projects

Every building, new or old, must address thermal performance, air leakage control and moisture management in order to provide a healthy, economical, durable living space.  Federal Energy Conservation mandates require all Federally owned buildings to be net-zero energy by 2030. 

Safeguarding Health

Demilec spray foam doesn’t just keep energy bills low. It reduces the risk of health problems from noise and radon gas, too.

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Noise Pollution

Air traffic and busy roads are a problem for many businesses and homeowners. Plus, noise pollution can cause hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Demilec SEALECTION 500 can reduce sound transmission by up to 50dB, giving residents, patients and students greater peace and quiet than once attained by the typical STC (sound transmission class) 30-34 standards.

As well as offering a fast and effective way to reduce noise, SEALEACTION® 500 also insulates and creates an air barrier.

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Radon gas is an invisible killer.  In the U.S., Radon is the number 2 cause of lung cancer.  Demilec Heatlok provides radon and other soil gas protection when installed on the outside of foundation walls and below the concrete slab.

Applied to at least 1.25”, it meets all insulation, air-tightness and vapour barrier requirements. In fact, at 1.25”, it’s 11 times more efficient than a 6-mil polyethylene membrane.

The perfect continuity of Heatlok HFO PRO seals the foundation wall joint to the foundation, leaving no seams. There is no sealant, tape, or cutting of materials.

Sustainability is the future


Every Demilec product is developed and created using renewable and recycled materials. The numbers speak for themselves: in 2019 we recycled our 600 millionth plastic bottle.

We’re proud to have gained the following certifications:

  • NAHB Research Center Green Approved Product
  • Eco Logo Certified Green Product
  • USDA Bio-Preferred
  • The U.S. Green Building Council

We also minimize environmental, health, and safety impacts at every stage of a product’s life cycle. To do this, we actively assess our products – from sourcing raw materials, through manufacture and use, to disposal.

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Huntsman Building Solutions offers a range of high performing polyurethane spray foam products designed to suit your needs - no matter the size or scale. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can ensure your home or building is made more comfortable and energy-efficient.

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