HBS offers you a range of coatings and thermal barriers. These polyurea coatings are all recognized for their durability and versatility in addition to their high impact resistance. They are suitable for multiple applications ranging from concrete and metal protection to waterproofing and containment such as basins and foundations.

Thermal barriers consist of intumescent or cementitious products, which are non-toxic fire protection coatings approved for the protection of sprayed foam insulation.

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  • Thermal Barriers

    These thermal barriers are approved and compliant for use in combination with our Heatlok Soya HFO spray foam. They protect the occupant in compliance with the Canadian standards and regulations in force. They are non-toxic, safe and fume-free thermal barriers designed for walls, attics and crawl spaces where required by code.

    • Acts as a thermal barrier
    • Non-toxic and fume-free
    • Fully fire retardant
  • Coatlok

    Coatlok Coatings are non-toxic, fast-drying products that can be applied to virtually any shape to create a monolithic containment barrier. They are an excellent solution for substrates such as wood, concrete, metal, geotextile and polyurethane foam.

    • Durable and flexible
    • Ideal for waterproofing basins and foundation walls
    • Can be applied at high and low temperatures
  • Coatlok - Certified

    Coatlok - Certified coatings are fast-curing, non-toxic products that can be applied to virtually any shape to create a monolithic containment barrier.

    It's the ideal solution for many substrates, such as wood, concrete, metal, polyurethane foam and geotextile.

    Coatlok delivers optimal results when low-pressure equipment is used. 

    • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces
    • Wide range of applications, from protection to waterproofing
    • Highly resistant
    • Highly flexible

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